Bridge to Learn is a fun and engaging way for children to play and learn through Storybooks, Toy Kits and Learning Books.

As children follow Ollie Octopus and his friends through exciting adventures they will have fun learning new words, sounds, numbers, colours and shapes, as well as important life, social and motor skills. 

Bridge to Learn caters for children from 0 to 8+ years. The entertaining language, rich content and engaging illustrations in our books can be enjoyed over and over at any age.

To get started, dive in to the Storybooks. From orange through to purple, coral and teal; each colour stage will develop a child's knowledge, concepts and skills.

The Learning Books begin with Support and Supervision pages to provide an easy-to-follow guide that can be used by parents or educators to foster curiosity, engagement, creativity, confidence and a love of learning. We recommend all children start from green and progress through to blue, yellow and red