Farm and Wild Animals Storybook

Recommended from birth to 3+ years

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Join Ollie Octopus and his friends as they embark on exciting adventures to learn about farm and wild animals. The entertaining language, rich content and engaging illustrations come together to form the story, which can be enjoyed over and over again!

Farm and Wild Animals expands on and introduces toddlers and young children to farm and wild animals, combining facts and rhymes, as well as encouraging exploration of music and movement. This storybook includes poems to engage children with rhyme and rhythm, expanding their knowledge about the difference between farm and wild animals. A fun question at the end of the book will encourage communication and thinking skills. As a guideline, this storybook is recommended for children from birth to 3+ years. However, older children can also enjoy this storybook as they begin to read on their own.

Our creative and engaging storybooks support children to grow and develop as they enjoy quality time playing and learning. Watch your child's eyes light up as they turn the pages and discover why parents find our books just as much fun as the kids!


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